Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Official August Update: Getting Closer

So...was very suprised to get the August updates today. Was totally expecting to have to wait until next week when our CM, K got back from Ethiopia, but what a blessing to see a message from her partner J in our inbox!

Our official August numbers:

Girl- 11

Boy- 5

Siblings- 7

We have heard stories of some amazing first meetings under the two trip policy and are getting ready to experience some long awaited homecomings from Hannah's Hope, our transitional home, this past week as well as this week coming up. We have heard some wonderful testimonies from travelling families and there is so much HOPE floating around! Babies coming home to their forever families also means empty cribs for new little beauties, so we are standing firm on the perfect timing of our Lord as we wait!
The case managers acknowlege that referrals have been a little slow, and really have no logical answers as to why, with the exception of the longer court proceedings and extended time to get those babies home. They are focused more than ever on getting babies home in a thorough, ethical manner, and keeping the Ethiopia program as healthy as possible through these changes. We really could not ask for a better agency. We are so thankful to be part of the AGCI family.

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers for our agency, for Hannah's Hope, for all the families somewhere in the waiting process, but most importantly for all those orphans waiting on their forever families and the families that so courageously made that choice for let them go so they could live. God bless each of them and hold them tightly.

We love you little one(s). We are coming, but until then, God sustains, protects, and loves us all.



  1. yay! maybe we'll get our email soon! you're in the top 5!!!!! wooooohoo!!!! oh the wait is getting SO hard now!

  2. Wow...great are so close now! This time will melt away once your little one is home...I know how hard the wait can be.
    Blessings and prayers