Thursday, August 26, 2010

I cleaned out my purse...

The last few weeks, my purse was too heavy and way cluttered to find anything in it- especially God. It was cluttered with worry, anxiety, stress, frustration, anger, pity, uncertainty, busyness...and the list goes on- you know how it works. Like a bad ski slope you can't get off of gracefully, but instead just roll down head over heels. Yet, God rescued me off that slippery slope.

I love my God. He is a BIG, capital B, God, and He offers peace that surpasses all understanding. I am back to peace with this waiting thing. It is not our turn. Our child(ren) is (are) not ready for us, yet. God is still at work. He is writing our story, today is part of it, and it is GOOD.

As I started to look ahead and imagine what He is planning for us, reflecting on His perfect timing, I begin to see that it is better than anything I could possibly construct myself. I see the length of time other people are waiting to meet their children. I see my upcoming school schedule. I see the special time I have ahead with my hubby and little G. I see the joy of my ministry. My view is not clouded by my wants, by my emotions. My faith today is bigger than all that.

So you see, I cleaned out my purse, and it is lighter. There was stuff in there I didn't need and I threw it all in His trash can (at least for today- wink, smile). I recommend that you do the same! We are not in control. Make room for God's plan in your handbag. Find peace in it, embrace it, ask Him to reveal it to you, CLING to it. It will seem like buying a whole new purse. And we ladies know how fun that is!

(Now, if I could just clean out the crud of final exams from my purse, it would be even lighter. But we can't do too much cleaning in one day, right?)

Peace and blessings! Kindra

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  1. Oh out that clutter....would be good, and needs to be done- for some of us daily :) I just have such a bad habit of picking up those huge stones and putting them in my handbag- again.