Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Oh, how our hearts long for her. To hold her. To kiss her sweet cheeks. To stroke her soft curls. To look into her big, dark eyes. To comfort her cries. To initiate her smiles. To laugh when she laughs. To feed her when she is hungry. To snuggle her when she sleeps. To celebrate her milestones. To see God's love in her. My heart is broken for her.

I have never known this kind of longing. This is how our Father longs for us. He wants us to be an active part of His family. To hold us. To comfort our cries. To feed us when we are hungry. To celebrate our milestones. To see His love as a beacon of light through us toward others. His heart is broken for us.

Are you an active part of God's family? Have you asked Him to be the Father of your life? He longs to have that relationship with you, and longs for you to be in His warm, loving arms forever.

And just as He wants to be with me, I want be with her. Oh, Lord, please make it soon.

"Cause I just wanna be with you. I just want this waiting to be over. I just want to be with you, and it helps to know the days getting closer.

Every minute takes an hour, every inch feels like a mile, til I won't have to imagine, and I finally get to see you smile." Chris Rice, Smile.

Blessings, Kindra.
Mom to Noel E., 5 months old @ HH


  1. Love that song..... YES- I am so glad our FATHER longs for us..... :)

  2. Beautiful post, and those lyrics fit PERFECTLY! Looking forward to seeing her in your arms ;)

  3. I have learned SO much about the Father's love that I THOUGHT I "knew" before through this adoption! Longing right alongside of you... ♥

  4. Oh Kindra, I'm right there with you...so hard having a baby growing older on the other side of the world.