Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is your child...follow me.

We have had such a whirlwind of a week! We have been through so many emotions and stages of grief and joy... In so many ways this experience has been so humbling and requires such a deep faith and trust in the Father. I was sitting in class at the beginning of the week attempting to concentrate through my emotions, anxiety, fears, excitedness, and longing. I turned to look at the wall to my right, and Luke 9:23 was staring at me, "Take up thy cross and follow Me." Yet, somehow, I read "This is your child, follow Me." Although I had not known it before that moment, it was the first time I accepted, Noel E. as my daughter. God ordained her into our lives. He chose US to be her parents. The reality was overwhelming. Over the week before, I had been grieving her life, her relinquishment, the heart of her birth mother, the time that I have/am missing with her, and through that grief I had somehow missed accepting that this child was given to us from our loving God. She is exactly what He designed for our family. So, we move into a painful wait...

We have completed our referral packet, sent it in, and have had our "next steps" phone call. Now, we wait. Seriously, we wait again. But now the wait has a face, a heart, needs, desire for her forever family, pain, longing...and so much more. We just want to hold her! We want to look in those big brown eyes! We want her to know that she has a family!

So next...our court date. We are praying boldly for our court case to be opened very quickly, and for travel to be just as quick! Please, pray with us to bring Noel E. home.

Blessings- Kindra


  1. It's definitely a whirlwind! A whirlwind of business and emotions! Praying with you, friend!

  2. Definitely praying.....and yes with the face waiting is a whole new thing. Isn't it funny that we wait and pray to see the face of our child and then once we see the face we become desperate to hold our child.

    It is the God design in our hearts to desire what He has created for us. Praying with you!

  3. Praying that your court date comes quickly and that you're holding her in your arms SOON!!

  4. Wow - that brought chills to me. She is YOURS and He has called you to this!

  5. I can only imagine what you're going through. But I hope very shortly to KNOW what you're going through. The fam..especially Noel E. is in our prayers :-)