Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not your normal nesting...and other life craziness! has been a bit crazy lately, starting with a bad case of "not your normal nesting"! My husband has convinced me that men nest in their own way. I have concluded that a major project that creates MORE chaos and MORE dirt does not fit into the category of "nesting". He is still trying to convince me...

We are having the carpet replaced with wood in our house, and the wood that was already present, refinished. It was a project of necessity, as the floor in our living room was starting to sag and sway and in need of reinforcement. We decided that pre-baby(ies), post-summer was the best time to start it. Then, the time actually came, and here we are! YUCK! We are just thankful that we have the opportunity to get this done, and can't wait until it is!!!!!!!

Because of the craziness of our home, specifically the emptiness of the area where our bed usually goes, the significance of the pile where we normally sit, and the layer of dust you see covering all major surfaces, we had the chance to get away for a couple of days to just be together. (Gracie too!) That was a much needed blessing amongst all this craziness- a few quiet meals with my hubby and a chance to just "be". Gracie LOVED the beach, as usual. She stops to smell (or taste) every piece of seaweed she sees, and loves to chase the birds. It never gets old watching her.

Mostly, this life craziness has been a futile attempt to diminish the discomfort of the wait for our little one(s). We are so excited and anxious to see their face(s) for the first time, and as we get closer, we struggle more with the wait. It was very peaceful to watch the sunrise and know that it is the same sun that is shining down upon our baby(ies) face(s), streaming through the window where they sleep, and kissing their cheek while we cannot. We love you little one(s). We are waiting on our Father to tell us it is time to see you, and until then, He is holding us both!

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised. Psalm 113:3

Blessings- Kindra


  1. Kindra, sorry to tell you wierd as it is, I TOTALLY agree that that is a man's way of nesting! My husband did the SAME THING weeks before my son was born. We were already doing a remodel, but while I was trying to calm down the last couple weeks he wanted to QUICK finish everything....of course, here we are with a two year old and I never actually finished his nursery b/c I was so busy with those details. I am DETERMINED to finish Lil Miss nursery FAR before we expect her to arrive.

  2. Great time will be soon...... :) praying!

  3. I totally want to start the crib, but Matt wants to wait. And I understand why... So wait we will! I LOVE that you're doing your floors! DEFINITELY a pre-baby(ies) project! I'm sure all that dust is driving you nuts!!! But you're going to love it! Praying our wait is almost over!