Monday, June 21, 2010

God sent Pat the Bunny

This adoption thing gets hard sometimes, we who are in it, know it...but do you ever wonder if other people know it? I mean, we don't have bellies that stick out to kingdom come, our little pinky toes aren't so swollen they look like they might pop off, we aren't having to pee every 5 get my point. Yet, our hearts are invested, we are just as anxious, nervous, excited, impatient, yearning, and in love as the next guy. There are few outward signs. Are there days you wonder if anyone besides your hubby, and maybe your mom even think about this crazy process, let alone ask you how you are feeling or imagine your little one aloud with you?

This is where I was late last week- feeling alone and neglected as a mommy in waiting. God heard me. He sent my neighbor, my wonderful neighbor. She had the cutest package for our little one, and one that meant so much more to me than what was inside. She was thinking about our kiddo. She was thinking about me. Thanks God, for sending Gail. Thanks God, for sending Pat, the Bunny.

Blessings, Kindra


  1. i completely know what you mean! thank the Lord for Gail!

  2. Totally understand!!! Have felt that way soooo many times. It is hard when no one knows.....