Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Official April update

I feel like I have been away forever! My computer suffered from what the Geek Squad lovingly called the "blue screen of death"! Never good... Anyway, I just got it back and I have so much to say. BUT, I am just going to start tonight with official April updates. I am not really sure how "official" they are, because there was a LOT of referral activity in the past couple weeks! Yee-Haw!

So many families to congratulate- new waitlist friends, new referrals, court passing news...it has been a pretty good month. I cannot believe how much more impatient I get as the numbers get smaller. I may need therapy shortly...dessert therapy at the least! Anyway, here they are:

Girl: 31

Boy: 20

Siblings: 12

Anyway, I have so much to share...but I will save it for tomorrow! God Bless you and goodnight!