Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Abundant Blessings

Sorry for my horrible maintenance of the blog the past several weeks. I have been trying to finish the school quarter, and Systematic Theology has been a challenge to my schedule :) I am so very excited to have the opportunity to study Biblical text with such amazing professors and an awesome group of classmates, more like family than not, but it certainly requires discipline!
I have to admit that I have been thankful for the distractions, though. As many adoptive parents can attest, the wait seems to get harder and harder, your emotions easier to rattle, and your heart ready to explode at any minute the closer you get to "the call". I think we find ourselves unofficially in single digits now for (at least) a baby boy, and so much closer to the fulfillment of the dream that God placed upon our hearts so long ago. Although it looks like a little man will be joining our family in the next few months, we know that our God is a big, BIG God, so anything could happen :) No matter what, we will be full of joy.

Brandon and I are certainly starting to realize that we actually have to get some things ready for our little one(s), and we have enjoyed starting the hunt for all that baby stuff, although it isn't too realistic to buy much yet, considering we don't know exactly what we will need. Looking is fun, none the less!

So many adoptive families report feeling burdened around the day something happens with their little one- on the day of their birth, the day they enter the orphanage, or other significant days in their lives; somewhat of a revelation from the Holy Spirit. We have not felt that burden yet, although we continue to pray fervently for the life of our Ethiopian family (Baby, Parents, Grandparents), whatever the factors that drive them hopelessly to adoption. Maybe our little one is not yet born, maybe they are still in the arms of their mama, or maybe they are suffering great loss in an African orphanage. No matter where you are, little one, mommy and daddy love you, God is holding you in His arms, and we are coming for you soon.

Mostly now, we live in the moment and the realization that our lives have been abundantly blessed. We have a wonderful family, a marriage rooted in love and in God, and the hope of Christ and His rich promises for each tomorrow. We feel that there is so much that He is calling us to do for Him and His children, and continue to walk the path that He has laid out for us. Each day, the light shines on a little bit more of the path, and we are called in obedience to take the next step. Sometimes, in our humanness, we want the light to shine a little brighter, illuminating the path a little further into the future, yet God's plan is perfect, and His revelations come at exactly the right time. Thank you, gracious Father, for our abundant blessings, and those yet to come. You are faithful; help me to be faithful unto You.
In Christ Alone...Blessings.

The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made. Psalm 145:13


  1. I can't wait. I think the wait was very difficult after hitting single digits and being #1 and #2 is the WORST! Distractions...... you need lots of distractions ;)

  2. oh, this wait is SO HARD! we, like you, have realized since we're getting close, that we need to start getting some things ready! i think we're still going to wait until post-referral to actually put things up in the nursery though... i'm hoping for a few more referrals before our june numbers!